Thursday, September 16, 2010

Off to School

Sep 2. Sheen and his parents have a bittersweet time getting ready for school.

Sheen was really excited… Of course he would; he sees himself getting ahead of his friend in Singapore. You see, he is a year-end child, who is always the last to celebrate birthday in the class. It doesn’t help that he is small built and always being called a baby by his classmates. You can imagine how his elation when he learnt he is going to be a primary 1 boy, whilst his kinderland classmates still struggling with the kindergarten curriculum!

Oh well, maybe that’s not a very good reason for Sheen but nonetheless we are happy that he is looking forward to the school days and being a “big boy”!

As for J and I, we are thrilled that he is going to be in a new, challenging, and fun environment. His classmates come from all over the world (there are 43 nationalities in the school) so it is going to be quite an experience for him.

The hardest part for J is that his days of waking up at 10am is over. Sheen needs to be up and ready for school bus pick up at 7.20am. In the first 2 days, J went to school with him in the school bus, and made his way back thereafter. A couple hours later, he had to make his way to school when Sheen’s lesson ends at 3.30pm. The to-ing and forth-ing tube journey is not so fun, J groans at the end of the day.

Oh well, I will cut some slack for this man who is too used to getting about in Singapore in his precious little Toyota!

Living in a new city is a new experience. Attending school in a new country is going to be another new experience, and one certain to enrich our life in different ways