Monday, January 4, 2010

Blessed is the man...

who hears many gentle voices call him DAD!
Dad, who was born on Jan 1st some seventy years ago, has the honour to grace my first entry in 2010!

Haha, I am taking my birthday cakes to the next tier, literally. You see, my mum is vegetarian, I need to ensure the cake is eggless so that she does not miss out on the chump. Yet, my nieces hinted that they would really loved to have the black forest cake. And so, I married the "constraints" to make this tiered cake.

The bottom is the eggless vanilla sponge with sliced peaches, and the top, yeah, the cocoa chiffon with black cherries.

I hope to do better next round: The top is far too tall - all becos I got the portion mixed up. There were too much batter for the 6" pan, and I tried to fill it up as much as I could =p

But Dad being DAD, always have praises what their kids could do... no matter how crappy they are!



mui mui said...

Thanks to the obliging and accomodating Aunt for always making the nicest cakes for the nieces and nephews...and your greedy sister ;p

Cookie said...

You are most welcome.

Good to see the cake being gobble up very quickly! It works wonder for the baker's morale!!!

dk said...

now u 've upgrade from primary school to secondary school leow. (2 tiers cake) Fantastic!

Cookie said...

thanks mate.

I am aiming to go to the college, the uni, and Le Cordon Bleu ultimately!!!