Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Absolutely Cute Sanrio Cookie

These cookies are not only eye candies, they are absolutely yummy. Some friends told me they hate the plasticky tasting fondant... so I made these to see if they will change their mind.

You bet - they are now converts.

They told me these are better than the plain cookies.

Just the cookie to delight the little princess, IMHO ;-)
If you want these cookies for birthdays or just to delight the little ones, pls leave your contact in the comment below. Your details will not be published.
Simple Butter Cookie (Eggless)

450 g plain flour } sifted together
50g corn flour }
180 g castor sugar
250 g salted butter, at room temp
3 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla extract, optional

  1. Cream sugar and butter until light and creamy .
  2. Turn to slow speed and add milk and vanilla extract.
  3. Add in flour mixture slowly in 3 batches.
  4. Roll out dough into 3mm thickness and use cookie cutters to make your desired shapes
  5. Bake cookies in oven at 160 degrees C for 15 minutes or until lightly golden on edge.


Anonymous said...

aww so cute! have been dying to get such cookie cutters!

Cookie said...

Hi Felicia,
I will let you know if I come across these cutters again.

Halimah Ilavarasi said...

The cookies look so delicious and pretty :)

Cookie said...

Thanks Halimah.