Monday, August 3, 2009

65°C TangZhong Cinnamon Roll

Strangely... almost every respectable blog is having a cinnamon bun recently or am I seeing mirages due to my overaching wants?

I was reluctant to make this as J does not like cinnamon... and I usually end up gorging myself the whole lot which ain't too good for the growing waist line! Also, the last round of shaping gave me some grief!

But it's only so long I can resist. Last weekend, I put on my apron and slogged to feed my appetite.

I used the tangzhong bun recipe as a base - double the sugar content to 50g. The speckles on the bun surface is wholemeal flour. I replaced some bread flour with wholemeal flour to increase the fibre content. My last attempt to lie to myself that it is good for me!!!

Of course, it can't be health food... but it feeds my soul. I was a happy soul as the heady cinnamon aroma engulfed my kitchen. To add to the sin, I drizzled the bun with some icing which makes this an absolutely fabulously sweet treat. This is a treat that I deserved nothing more than once in a blue moon!

The bread is the same soft and moist - typical of tangzhong bread. But I do realised that this bread benefit some from light dusting of flour (rather than grease) when shaping. Is this the same experience you have?


65°C TangZhong Cinnamon Bun

Recipe for the tangzhong and main dough is here. I doubled the sugar quantity.
Or use any of your sweet bread recipe or this from Art of Eating.

As for the cinnamon filling, instead of mixing my own, I took the easy way by using the cinnamon sugar. I got this from Cold Storage, from the section where they carry these bottled berbs and spices.

Shaping: Leave a 1 cm border at the end of the dough. Do not add butter or filling to the border; or it will not seal properly.

After spreading the cinnamon sugar/mixture, roll up like swiss roll. Pinch to seal. It looks patchy now, but it will iron out nicely after proofing. Cut into 1 inch thick pieces, and place onto the pan. I placed them close to each other (1 inch apart) so that I get bread with soft sides.

When out of the oven, unmould immediately and drizzle icing over the bread.

PS: Notice that the 2 trays like slightly differently? I made them on both sat and sundays! Talk about indulgence!!!


Anncoo said...

Wait for me....I want a bite...^0^

Art of Eating said...

Lovely ! Look so irresistable.

Cookie said...

I will be honoured to bake some for you!

Thanks, and thanks for inspiring me!


nyonya pendek melaka said...

I've seen a number of cinnamon roll in a few blogs like you said. But I am never tired of it as i really like cinnamon sugar! The way you shaped yr buns was really nice. Wld be nice if I can have a roll or two with tea! Heeh :D

nyonya pendek melaka said...

Oh btw, have you bought your stand mixer?

Cookie said...

Hi npm,
I think it is a privilege to bake for someone who appreciates! Be my guest!

Ya, i have got my mixer:

It comes with miller, liquidiser (blender), flexi-beater + the usual standard accessories!