Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Black Bamboo Charcoal Bread

After the last indecisive bread , I finally got down to make a proper one. The charcoal powder is tasteless, so only the look is different. Taste and texture is dependent on the bread recipe you used.

The flavour of the month is Alex Goh's Magic Bread . I only replace the 20g of flour with bamboo charcoal powder

Here's the recipe for anyone who is up for the black beauty!


Basic Sweet Bread dough
Recipe from Alex Goh "Magic Bread"

100g bread flour
70g boiling water

300g bread flour
80g plain flour
20g bamboo charcoal powder
80g sugar
6g salt
20g milk powder
9g instant yeast (I used 25g fresh yeast)

175g cold water
60g cold egg

60g butter

  1. Add boiling water from A into flour, mix until well blended to form a dough. Cover and set aside to cool. Keep it into fridge for at least 12 hrs.
  2. Mix B until well blended. Add in C and knead to form rough dough. Add in A and knead till well-blended.
  3. Add in D and knead to form elastic dough
  4. Let it proof for 40mins. (Just make sure the dough double in size, no matter how long it takes.)
  5. Divide the dough into required weight and mould it round. Rest it for 10mins and ready to use.
I realised that people here are not so used to the black food. I packed it for Sheen breakfast. In the evening, he came back to tell told me his teachers and friends stared... one kind teacher came to check if the bread is ok for consumption. *LOL*


Peggy said...

looks interesting! where exactly does one get black charcoal powder?

Cookie said...

Hi Peggy,
You can get it from Kitchen Capers or Janice at 97592081 (i get this contact from Big Boys Oven).

The one I used is a gift from my friend though.

Cookie said...

Hi Peggy,
I just realised that you are not located in Singapore, so the contacts provided here will not help you.

The one I have is from Japan. So if you have a Japanese specialty store in your city, you may want to check it out. Else, I can send some over to you.

Art of Eating said...

The black beauty look lovely !

Unknown said...

Hi, just came across your recipe for bamboo charcoal bread and saw that you used fresh yeast! I've been searching high and low for it, may i know where you purchased it in Singapore? Many thanks in advance!

Cookie said...

Hi Joice, I bought the fresh yeast from a bakery supplies in Hong Kah (see this

The shop is Lee Bee. That's so long ago, I am not sure if they still carry it. Do you live around this area?