Monday, March 1, 2010

...for the very first time

I had never made a swiss roll in my life before. The thought of it is quite daunting actually. The perspect of facing a broken roll is not very encouraging =p

But I guess for the good name of an adventurous baker, I should at least give it a go. Besides this recipe from Chef Keiko Ishida looks interesting.

It involves cooking the flour in the melted butter first, then blend with the milk and yolk to form a batter. This batter is then folden into the meringue.

I like cakes that are made with meringue as it tends to be lighter and fluffier than cakes made with, say, creaming method.

This is how it looks before being rolled - looks like a reasonable thickness.

I used the ripening banana that has been on the shelf last 2 days, and drizzled with lemon juice (to prevent it from turning black). I also drizzled generously Hershey chocolate sauce (those that we used for ice cream topping... for convenient sake) over the banana. Chocolate and banana is a match made in heaven. Trust me.

Now, rolling time! Horray, it went beautifully... not cracks, not breaks. Unbelivable!

The sponge has is soft and fluffy, and such fine texture. The sweetness from banana, and mild bitterness from chocolate sauce makes this a perfect treat.

My only gripe - its eggy and looks way too thin... a thicker sponge would have made this perfect!


ann low said...

Mmmm...This is so perfect. Very nice job for the first time :)

Cookie said...

Hi Ann,
thanks for always so encouraging.

Zurynee said...

Lovely rolls. I also have her book but have yet to try *LOL*

Cookie said...

I heard many recipes like Milky Madeleines & sugar cookies are great too!

Look forward to seeing your renditions of her book.