Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flaky Mooncake

I made these teochew flaky mooncake when clearing the fridge - badly needed more storage space in preparation for Sheen birthday party!

I used the recipe from Anncoo - do see her blog for the photo illustration to get the layering. Actually the colour won't show up if you are deep-frying them. But it's a lot easier for me to differentiate the oil and water dough.

I fried some, and baked some. I felt so guilty to say that the deep fried ones taste much better! Yum!


ann low said...

I agree with you. The deep fried one is definitely better than baked. Good Job! Cookie.

Cookie said...

haha, one have to taste to know what's good for them! Not in a healthy sense though!

I gotta thank u for posting the illustrations. THANKS.