Friday, November 27, 2009

Presenting My First Cake Order...

This is a birthday cake for my dear brother in law. And technically this is an order. My sister paid for it :-)

She originally wanted the hazelnut mousse which I made for Sheen's 5th birthday but I have no more of the ingredients on hand... so she settled for a black forest cos her girls love it.
I do not want to have a black forest that looks exactly like a black forest... so I did mine with a light twist.
The star in the centre of the cake symbolise this role in the family!
These are the words she wanted on the cake - its her hubby's b'day on the 10th day of the 10th lunar month. I made them on a fondant which she places on the cake when ready:

Since my piping skill sucks, I relied on the letter press. It's just a pity that the letter press is not as easy to use as i wish. Putting the letters into the holder itself is a labourious task!

Looks like i should really work on my piping skills to save all the hard work.


mui mui said...

Thank you very much for the lovely and tasty cake. This must be the most value for money cake I have ever ordered - with sisterly love included.

We love the cake so much. Only 2 pathetically small slices are left as of today (now specifically).

Really appreciate your thoughts and thanks zillionly much for taking the trouble to bake on a weekday amidst your busy schedule.

Smooch smooch...

Cookie said...

Happiness is knowing the hard work went well into happy tummy!!!

You should know how stress I was to make sure i made it in time for the celebration =p