Sunday, June 12, 2011

Playing Tourist at Venice

I just landed in London after holidaying in Venice, and gosh, tired I am, but can't hide my excitement and thrills that i had to share my holiday pix!

If you have watched Angelina Jolie & Johnny Deep's The Tourist, you will know Venice.

What I didn't know is that the actual place is alot more beautiful then what I saw on the silver screen!

I wished i have smart suits, heels and coiffered like Angelina to live the scene. LOL.

Apart from the regular morning shower that dulled the sky, we were blessed with bright sunny day in the afternoon on days we were there.

Yeah, Sheen was so excited about McDonald's there... we were there for 8 days, and he grew so sick and tired of pizza, pasta and risotto. He is not a Mac's fan, but when you are desparate, you would rather opt for some familar taste.

BTW, there's only 1 Mac in the whole Venice. That's at Strada Nuovo. If you are taking the vaporetto (the water bus), alight at Ca' d'Oro and walk for 2 min. The price for a upsize meal is Euro 7.90 (~SGD16).

While in Venice, it is worth going Island hopping. Island like Lido, Murano, Burano etc, are all nearby and if you buy a tourist pass, you get unlimited bus and boat rides during the valid period. We paid Euro 23 per adult for 36hours. You can check out the full fare table here .

The magic of holidays in Venice is created by the over-the-top architecture, the ethereal, colourful Venetian glass and ubiquitous and fantastical masks. Go lose your way in the tiny street, riding a gondola down the Grand Canal (warn: this is expensive but a once-in-a-lifetime experience) and enjoy a glass of Prosecco on St Mark's Square!

Oh, the thought of it makes me feel like Angelina Jolie!