Wednesday, December 9, 2009

High School Musical Cake

This cake is for my lovely niece Gwen In who turned 8 last Saturday.

She loves HSM, and specifically asked for a HSM birthday cake. I gladly obliged. But this will probably be the last time I make a icing image cake unless I can find a more reliable printer. *

Happy Birthday Fortunately, her smile and appreciation made all the efforts worthwhile!

Since Sheen had some free time on Sat morning, we decided to make some choc coated marshmellow for the small party!


My grouse:
For some reason still unknown to me me, the lady whom I ordered the icing image (with pre-payment) decided to do a disappearing act on the day of appointment. I waited for 2 hours at the workshop near her bugis... Thanks to her neighbouring shop who was kind enough to offer me a seat in his comfy shop that I was spared of the oppressive heat.

She is an on-line baker who have just set up her business, and I wanted to order from her to support her enterprising causes. Now I think I am just too gullible: Her charges ain't a cent cheaper than the more established store, and I had to make interbank transfer first.

All these are trivial now. I was left to fumble and scramble to fulfil my niece's birthday wish!!! I joking told a colleague, when push comes to shove I will print out the picture on the A4 paper. Just tear it off before cutting the cake. hahaha :-)


ann low said...

Very beautiful birthday cake. Are those letterings come with the icing image?

Cookie said...

Thanks for always being so encouraging!

The letterings are made from fondant using the alphabet cutter. Only the image within the inner circle is printed icing image.

This is a constraint as the icing is slightly smaller than A4 size, while the cake is 12".


Art of Eating said...

The choc coated marshmellow look super tempting

mui mui said...

Thanks a lot for the wonderful looking and great tasting cake! The ordeal you have to go thru is horrible. Sorry to have put you thru it.

Next time just make the cake with your own decorating skills. They are good enough for show. No need to resort to icing image which cost a bomb and not nice to eat at all... 花钱买罪受,何苦!

Cookie said...

All kiddos love these marshmellows!

the joy it brings to Gwen In is priceless!!!

Blessed Homemaker said...

Beautiful cake!

Cookie said...

Blessed Homemaker
Thanks... with the icing image, it is easier to create nice for design-challenged baker like me!

Edith said...

Ha you must tell me which shop coz bugis is near to my place. I definitely don't want to stress myself with such service.

BTW, nice cake.