Friday, February 26, 2010

On the 4th day of new year...

On the 4th day of new year, my 4th aunt invited us to her house for curry fish head. This is almost a tradition started way back a decade.

Her hubby cooks a mean curry fish... on CNY that all of us get to savour the fresh piping hot fish head cooked only upon our arrival!

The fortnight leading to the occasion, the couple would scout all the fishmongers in wet market for the best threadfin head.

When the get home, the 3 poor child labour kids are made to pound the spices in the good old mortar & pestle....
The whole event is made more challenging when you are talking about cooking for a clan of 80 pax or over 18 families! =p
It is such hard work that the family will only serve their heirloom fish head once a year.

This year, I brought along some cupcakes for the family... just a small appreciate for all their sweat, blood (pricked by the fish) and tears (from onion, chili and unnamed spices)!

This recipe is from Keiko Ishida’s book "Okashi- sweet treats made with love'".
I was amazed with the texture - soft and fine that it almost melt in my mouth!!! My only complaint is the eggy smell is quite strong. If only an eggless cake can be this good!


ps: The ganache is made with equal qty of dairy whipping cream + 30% milk chocolate. I like intensely bitter chocolate so this is too mild for me.... but surprisingly, everyone tells me they prefer this ganache to those made with higher cocoa content!!!

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