Friday, August 12, 2011

Home again...

We are back home, finally.

After being in England for a year, we are back to the tropics. Something that we are looking forward to; J wants to get back to work, Sheen wants to have his cousins' company. And I like to be back with my sis and parents!

So it was an exiting time. A time to get back into a routine, see friends missed over the year, and look forward to the sunny weather and a fresh start.

But once the sea shipment arrived, my newness has worn-off. I have cartons, 127 of them, everywhere in my house. The pix below is just a tip of the iceberg!

I sure have to work hard to keep the positive attitude and productive energy going!!!


thecoffeesnob said...

Welcome home, Cookie! The year sure flew by so quickly! I hope you and your family are adapting well to life back in Singapore :)

muimui said...

happy to have you back and enjoying your company too!

the pic shows an amazing piles of collections! wow, the boxes have invaded your place so much that I can hardly imagine how I could rest and recuperate is I were also ill like you did.

on the positive side, take it as a time to take stock of what you have and arrange them properly.

reign in your impulse purchases so as not to add on to the barangs barangs...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Singapore. Hope to see more baked goodies recipe on your blog :)


Cookie said...

Hi L,
Time flies... and how good time flies even faster! We are working hard to get back to the routine :-)

Hi Muimui,
The boxes did wonders to stem the shopping urge... They make me really scare of adding to the mess!!!

Hi Sally,
I am so pleasantly surprised that my blog is being read by more than family and friends :-)

I sure look forward to more bake-related post.... hopefully sooner than I thought.


Art of Eating said...

Wow ! times really passed fast, it has been a year already.

Welcome back Home !

dk said...


Blessed Homemaker said...

Welcome home! You must be really busy unpacking now. Till then, take care and hope to see more updates from you.

The Experimental Cook said...

Welcome back! In a few month's time, it will be my turn to be there - can't wait to visit the market ;-)

Cookie said...

Hi YY,
Time really flies!!! And we are all so pleased to be home (the mess

Hi dk
You are welcome to keep yourself busy with those boxes!

Hi Blessed Homemaker,
I can't believe it takes this long for unpacking!

Hi The Experimental Cook
you will be in London? Go sooner cos the weather is fast turning frosty and day getting shorter! Have fun!