Monday, March 26, 2012

Foodie in London - IceBar London

 Throughout the time we lived in London, never once we visited the Icebar.  I tried to visit the place last Dec, but the Xmas holidayers filled up the queue that I gave up the thought.  I gave it another go when I was there last month. 

Despite the reservation I was told to wait in line since they operate on fixed time slot and I'd arrived early.  I was offered to have my meal at the restaurant while waiting for my session. I supposed the only difference in Icebar Bar and Icebar Restaurant is the what's being served.

So I went on. 

Ha,  no lor.  There's nothing ICE about the restaurant/lounge area!!!
It was toasty warm on there, which I welcome but at the same time a little disappointment!!!

First you will be offered the cloak room service where you can keep all your belongings and coat/jackets.  A fee of GBP2 will be added to your bill for using this facility.

Once seated, the waitress tried very hard to get me to order the starter/nibble, which I was tempted but knowing my capacity, resisted!

This is what I had.
Grilled pork loin, pork cheek, black pudding, spiced swede puree, confit red cabbage, red win jus (GBP18) with Rocket and Parmesan salad (GBP3.50).
Liquid wise, I had Kiwi Caipirinha (GBP 7.70) - I always love a good Caipirinha!

I was rather filled after the main, but the waitress strongly recommend this choc-ky dessert, and my will gave in!  Dark Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Bailey's Mousse, and Ice cream (GBP6) - very rich, and a good bitter capuccino (GBPx) went well with it.

You can see the Icebar merchandise for sale:

 Finally my turn to get into the Icebar.  You will be given a silver cape and glove to keep warm.  Uh only that this point I realised I left my warm clothings in the cloakroom so that's all have to keep me breathing!

It was indeed a special experience, everything is made of ice, including my drinking glass.  But I was freezing my butt in there.  You are allowed to stay for the entire session of 40min, but I had to get out after 15min!  It is too cold for me.  Well, for someone who is used to 30C all year round, -5C is C-O-L-D! 

I only remembered to take some pic when I was about to get out...

It reminds me of a friend who confide that she once booked a night stay at the Ice Hotel in the Nordics, only to be standing by the toilet all night.  Why toilet?  Cos that's the only place in the entire hotel with a radiator! 

ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL London/Below zero restaurant,
31-33 Heddon Street, Mayfair, London
+44 (0) 20 7478 8910,

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