Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank God...

Weekend here.


This weekend means alot to me cos since the Jan 4 I had been ill on and off. Things turned worse when I had terribly high fever on 2 weeks ago. Doc was dead sure it was a virus flu, so I was sent home with Tamiflu.

For the next 4 days I hang my life on Tamiflu... which didn't see me get any better. Every morning I woke up with the same old fever + shivers. It is quite frightening when the chill comes; I will curl in the blanket and pray to god that I will survive the day! What could be worse than the fever & chill is the side effects of Tamiflu. I believe you have all read about the side effects in the papers. Just say that my luck sucks cos I almost all the possible side effects!!!

To cut the long story short, on day 5, I am referred to the hospital where I laid for a week. Thank god I survived long enough for the healthcare professionals to eventually find out what was wrong. hahaha.

We always say that health is important. But 只有在失去, 才知道如何珍惜。

So I am going to take life easier now.

I will bake less, and enjoy the company more.
I will blog less, and chat more.


Thank God for the incident to make me realise what is important.
Thank God for my family who travel half the island to visit me every day without fail.
Thank God for my colleagues and friends who visited me with all the nice goodies.
Thank God for everything!


Anncoo said...

Hi Cookie,
I'm sorry to know that you're sick during this 2 weeks. I'm not good at word but I wish you're getting better ~ in the pink of health and all the best. You know the Chinese saying
"健康就是财富“~~~ Take care :)

reanaclaire said...

HI..hope u r feeling better now.. blogging is also my passion but i will try not to get so engrossed in it.. i try.. i will try :)

Art of Eating said...

Thanks God you are recovered.

Take things easy and enjoy your family time more. Importantly stay Happy and Healthy!

mui mui said...

I am so sorry that we were unaware and were not there to support you...

Elyn said...

Hope you are feeling much better now! Take Care :)

Cookie said...

Thanks everyone for the concerns and friendship!

It is amazing how a humble post can bring me closer to all the warm hearts here.

I am slowly but surely nursing back to pink of health.

I am better now but still not ready to blog.

PS: you have nice blogs!

Art of Eating
Yes, so much to thank god...
Also thanks for having you around!

mui mui
You are unaware cos I didn't want to impose. You have your family to jar-ga also.

Am better... I am so motivated by your nice CNY cookie... gonna be well enough to beat u to that! Haha.

Elyn said...

I'm sure looking forward to yours too!