Monday, April 5, 2010

Baked Donut

I bought these donut pans as I was planning to bake some donuts (you know that the usual donut are deep-fried right?).
The first trial didn't turn out will - though the pan has been lightly greased, i had a hard time to remove the donut nicely from their cavities. Agh, these donuts have U.G.L.Y. bottoms!
Hope the next attempt goes better. Wish me luck!


Kok Yan said...

Hi, I've been looking for these donut pans! May i know where you bot it? thanks. Your donuts look yummy. 8)

Cookie said...

I got the pans from a bakery supplies store in Hong Kah Point.

Anonymous said...

What a pity they didn't turn out well. They look really cute though!

Big Boys Oven said...

Lovely donuts, love those coloured toppings! ;)

Cookie said...

ovenhaven ,
These are mini donuts - really cute... if you dun mind the rough bottoms! :-)

Big Boys Oven
Thanks. Haha, I needed to use up those excess sprinkles!!!