Friday, April 16, 2010

Holiday I - Tian Tian Seafood

I went up North in the past week with my family in tow. Armed with a GPS and a well-fueled car, we went to hunt for this "ulu" restaurant that is over 20km away from our hotel. This simple restaurant was introduced by my local colleague at my last trip... we supposed to meet up again to have a nice meal there but he was unfortunately ill at the very eleventh hour. So we were left to venture there on our own.

Apart from the 2 cemetries that we past, the journey is quite pleasant.

This is the restaurant menu:

We ordered stir-fried sliced fish with spring onion (薑蔥魚片), 300g of steamed prawns(清蒸鮮蝦), oyster egg (蠔蛋) and green vegetables (菜心).

Fish, prawns and veg are great - very fresh. The cooking is very home-style, which my family loves. The oyster egg is very special - it is crispy type. The only other place I eaten this type of oyster egg is at Beng Hiang, a local hokkien restaurant. But if you are expecting the big fat oyster that is commin here, then this may be a wee bit of disappointment.

The total bill came up to RM64 (~S$28), including drinks.

There were a few more dishes that we are keen to try, but the lady boss kept telling us 4 dishes was just right for us. 谢谢你, 老板娘!


Restorant Tian Tian Seafood
Kuala Lukut Chuah
71960 Seremban
Tel: 06-668 1233, 016-926 3881


MaryMoh said...

What an adventure to travel so far to eat! Looking at the pictures, I would say it's worth it while taking a day out. I just think it funny that your further order was not taken well. Wonder why they didn't want business!

Cookie said...

Lady boss didn't want the food to go to waste... she told us we won't be able to finish them.... and she's right!

Art of Eating said...

Hi Pal,

It has been a long long time since i last visit & blog.

Isn't it nice to be away. Especially having to eat those yummy home-style cooked food and being served by the warm local there.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is nuce, great to read that you had a good 'makan' trip!

Cookie said...

Hi YY,
good to hear from you again! Come back soon... miss u!

Ya, was a short but good break for us.

Next time we will venture to KL and try out all the yummy food that you have on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome seafood... Muz try.. Best Oyster omelet, Lala & tempura prawns... :D

Cookie said...

Hi Anonymous
I agree with 2 legs up! I recommend this restaurant to every of my friend!

PS: Would be good if you leave a name even if you choose to remain anonymous.