Thursday, June 3, 2010

London Calling

I gone MIA again.

This time I was put on a west bound flight right after I returned from my family vacation at Club Med. I was expecting to have a nice warm summer in London, just like the sunny Cherating I basked with my family the week before.

But I was so so wrong, I had a miserably cold summer this morning. For tempearture of 16C, I was shivering all the way from hotel to the office. Lucky me it was a short 3 min walk!

Here's some pix taken at this trip:

nice new lounge at the Terminal 3!

going for healthier choices... or rather wanting to look classier snacking on fruits. :-)

Most ppl I know hates the airline meals, but I am among the few rare species that really enjoy the food served at 40,000 ft!
Buckingham Palace, London

Parliament Sqaure, London

The Millenium Eye, London.
taken this pix from my hotel window.

I was pleasantly surprised that the room is actually quite spacious.

You know what I did in the 13+hour flight? Listened and watched Jerry Yen through and through!


mui mui said...

the room looks so comfy and cosy.

the weather is unpredictable these days. do keep yourself warm and take ultra good care of yourself!


Art of Eating said...

Hi pal,

Oh... you're on a biz trip. Nice accommodation.

Are you back home now ? Take care and have a good trip in case you're still there.

Cheers !

Cookie said...

mui mui
the room is quite nice, if you survive the long walk from the lift lobby. I mean reeeeeeeeeally long walk!

yeah, I am now back in SG. So noce to be home!

Cookie said...
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