Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tokyo Banana

Last night my kind sister nudged and reminded that I have long neglected my blog. Haha, lest I know there's at least 1 person in this whole wide world interested in what I write.

With most things being packed up for the shift, I hardly bake these days. Not that I have the time anyway. I remembered that I had quite a few things that were baked early this year, but never been blogged so I took few min to go thru my folder. And the very first photo I saw was this yummy banana cake which my buddy D brought back from Tokyo.

D told me this is a very popular souvenir in Japan - many people lug this home for their friends and relatives.
Each piece is shaped to look like the banana, and individually sealed, which is convenient for the modern urban people like us but a no-no to the environment. Haiz, but who is complaining!

Beneathe the wrapping is a ultra light chiffon (or is it sponge?) cake with banana cream filling.

The banana cream is delicious, a mysterious yumminess... The scientist in me wondered if it is made with real banana or just flavouring simply becos real banana will turn black in few minutes. To find the answer, I involuntarily reach out for another one, devouring after another, in my feeble attempt to reach a conclusion.

Soon enough the box is empty, and I am even thinking of ordering some on line and have then shipped to Singapore... hahaha, but the shipping cost is exorbitant!

D suggested that I made my own version which I think I would need years of research... but thanks for even thinking that I have the skills and knowledge to replicate this airy yummy stuff in my humble kitchen!

Thanks D for the "discovery" in Tokyo, and be sure I will send you a box if I succeed.


Mr Lonely said...

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Art of Eating said...

This is my favourite too. Love it when someone comeback with this from Japan

mui mui said...

sorry that i am busy to keep up-to-date with your everyday happening (or was it just plain laziness from your pampered sister?). always looking forward to your new blog entries to know what is happening around you, with you and about you (if i could read between the lines).

thecoffeesnob said...

I've never seen this but it sounds so good! And it looks exactly like a banana! Gotta love the Japanese and their love and creativity for food :D

Gina Choong said...

We also had a box of Tokyo Banana..! Which a friend bought for us. I find it too 'plasticky' in taste. And it smells just like the Pastarom Banana paste I am selling it my shop! :( After 1 bite, I gave the whole pc to Melody. We don't like it, unfortunately.. so the whole box is now with my mom.

Cookie said...

Looks like we have similar likings :-) Yeah, great minds think alike!!!


I fully agree with you - few can beat Japanese where creativity is concerned!

Gina Choong
Guess 1 woman's meat is another's poison. :-) I will gladly finish them up for you!

hanushi said...

I got this as well, when I was at Tokyo. Nice souvenirs to give to relatives/friends! :)

Cookie said...

Hi hanushi
When are you going there again... For the sake of these Tokyo Bananas, I also want to be your friends!! ;-)

hardpliers said...

Mmmm looks so good. I want to try this too!