Friday, July 16, 2010

Another backlog...

This is another backlog from May...
May is a busy month. My family has quite a few tauruses and geminis in this month, and I am more than happy to bake each of them a cake. The only problem is that I tend to bite off more than I can chew!

I had a darn busy day to bake but was too late to back out the promise, so I made a simple sponge cake with fresh mango filling which is Teng's favourite.

The rest of the decor was left to his parents, aka Icing Room! Look, they are having fun!

... and doing a pretty good job!

All kids love birthdays, don't they?

Happy Birthday, Kai Teng.


kitlaura said...

Hi there
what a yummy looking birthday cake and what a lovely family potrait.
thanks for sharing

Blessed Homemaker said...

My turn coming as I've got lots of birthdays in July and Aug, then Nov and Dec.

MaryMoh said...

Happy Birthday Kai Teng! That's a lovely cake. You have just reminded me that I still owe my daughter her birthday cake! Have to make soon.

mui mui said...

why aren't you updating your blog? i suppose you are very busy. take care and try to uload more new photos so that we can all see how you and family are doing.

Cookie said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Blessed Homemaker
Good luck and have fun baking, I am sure you do!

Happy (belated) birthday to your princess!

mui mui
Can't do any baking now cos all my stuff are still on the sea. Only my mixer has arrived :-(