Sunday, August 1, 2010

So Long, Finally...

July was a terrible month.

I had been living like a nomad in the last month. I moved from 1 place to another every week. To be precise, 6 moves in 4 weeks!

From my apartment, to my in-laws place, to the Grand Hyatt, to London. Even within short period of arriving London, I am currently living in the 3rd apartment.

It started from early July when my stuff needs to be shipped - the packer came in, and within haf a day, everything in the apartment is gone. It was in a rather unliveable state (except I manage to squeeze in 1 bake ... haha, i will come to that later).

So we moved to my inlaw's place as a transition before we move to London. Sheen had a few crumpy days with granny's place, so we decide to move into the hotel.

Lucky for us we had a nice 2 bed-room suite in Grand Hyatt that was right for my family. There's even space for my sister's family to have a staycation!!! I love every bit about the place, location, interior, facilities etc, only it was time to get to the airport.

When we arrived at London, we head straight to a hotel cos the serviced apartment which we wanted was not available yet. The problem with visitng London in summer is that the time is so right that you have to compete with a million others for everything. That includes accomodation. The suite is not avail, so it was another few days of camping in a tiny hotel room with 9 strewed luggages!

Finally we got the apartment we wanted.

This time round, we happily settle in the nice and cosy place. Also, there's enough room for my friend who will come visiting soon. Soon we discovered the internet in that apartment was not working, plus the washer which we have specifically requested for was conspiciously missing. After discussing with J, we decided it is time to move again.

We have equaly challenge with the current place - there's not a single powerpoint in the 2nd bedroom. I do not know how anyone can live with this! Haha, but we concluded that in London, dun expect 十全十美, so unit 110 is our home until our sea shipment arrives in a month's time when we have to move again!

Till then, I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out well for us in the next couple weeks!


mui mui said...

must have been terribly busy and hectic for you... take care!

dk said...

Looks like the little boy is enjoying the new place in London. =)

Cookie said...

mui mui
unfortunately the busy and hectic days still continue in UK.

Absolutely, he loves the cool (or cold) summer here. The only thing he misses is school!