Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stir-fry Noddle in a Jiff

Home cookign can't get any easier than this - I pick up these 3 items from Waitrose for £2.50, and had them cooked within 15min.

All i need to do is to heat up a wok, add 1 tsp of oil to fried the veg for 5min, then add sauce and noodle and dry until they are heated thru.

They have quite a wide choices - you just choose 1 from each category
  • noodle :egg, sweet chilli, beehoon
  • stir fry sauce :black bean, sze chuan, sweet and sour, chinese style
  • vegetables: mushrooms, chinese veg, etc
I have to say that they taste great too: the noodle still have some bite, and the sauce is neither too salty or taste artifical. The best part is that it has lots of vege, I love the fibre!!!

Jason thinks this is a great idea... and I suspect I am going to have to content with the similar noodle in days to come. Agh.


Zoe said...

Quick and tasty...good food ideas for travelers...

muimui said...

the noodle looks nice -- this is another must have during our visit!

Art of Eating said...

Cool ! What an Oriental dish
* wink