Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why am I here?

This pix was taken in summer. Sheen was begging not to walk anymore... cos his feet couldn't take it anymore.

When chatting with my colleague this morning, I suddenly recall this interesting conversation with Sheen when we first arrived -

Boy: why do we need to walk so much? can we take our car?

Ma: this is london, our car is in Singapore.

Boy: then why do we come here?

Yes, sometimes ma also wonder
why we leave our nice new car in SG while we have to depend on the unreliable tube here.
We left our spacious apartment behind to live in this tiny flat.
I ditch my nice and cosy office to be in a workstation.
J put his cushy well paid job on hold to be full time father.
i can go on and on... but what purpose will it serve?

I know I will probably be stoned to death by the English if they see how much all the complaints i have. To many colleagues, £2300-a-week prestigous address (never mind how small) & £22K international school is big deal.

But there must something more than that facade.

OK there is probably a couple good reason to come in the first place. I should go back to jog my memories of the initial dreams of coming here, and continue to chase that dream.

It hurts to think about what we are losing out in our home country but hurt only last as long as we allow them to. If you continue to drag the home cultue around, you cannot enjoy the new experience, like toilet paper stuck to the shoes, or so a wise man said!

For now I have to help myself to get out of that tailspin, and get my family to enjoy the ride with our spirit of adventure!

PS: do drop me a note or 2 if you have anymore wise advice!


Zoe said...

love the photo. Very cute. The monotone effect is very good.

Chris said...

You are so blessed to be given this opportunity to live, not "visit" another country and experience a different culture. Yes, there will always be the initial homesickness, but go forward and enjoy what is around, the good and the bad. It is a valuable life lesson for you and your family. I did the same when I was younger...first relocating to Canada, then going to HK for a few years to work, and going into China back in the 80s when the country wasn't as open as it is now. Never regretted one moment of it all! You ENJOY and relish the adventure!

muimui said...



muimui said...

but it's easier said than done. if i were you, i would probably be lamenting how life would have been had i chosen to stay behind...

always admired your courage in pushing on when the going gets tough. you are a good source of inspiration for me

Cookie said...

Thanks - these photo were edited by J, the now full time father!

I guess you are right about the opportunity - it's just at times things gets out of hand, and i get into get into self pity mode.

It will be really helpful if you can share how you overcome the initial homesickness + odds... I need to get over these so that I can enjoy the ride!

Once a while I moaning about the hardship; I have my share of miseries, but I have some great moments too. I just need to work towards make the minus lesser, and the pluses more.

I know that years later when I look back, I will have fond memories... like i did for last overseas assignment!

Jen said...

Ganbatte to your new life in London! It's so exciting & wonderful to have a new start, new experience in life. Opportunities like these are so rare! I admire your courage and sincerely wish you all the best. Can't wait to read more about your adventures and culinary experiences there. =)

MaryMoh said...

It's wonderful that your family are able to come here to work and stay. It's never easy in the beginning but you will soon adapt. Having said that I still complain about the cold weather here in Aberdeen. I miss the hot weather back home. You probably can complaining is just increasing as each day gets colder. My family is immuned to it now...LOL. Enjoy your stay.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I do not know why and how you ended up in London but I admire your courage in doing so. It is never easy to relocate to a new place, especially with kids in tow.

Cookie said...

Hi Jen
Thanks for your encouragement! I am sure we are going to have many more fun once we get over the initial glitches!

Hi Mary
I know what you mean - the wether is not as harsh here in London yet whenever it gets cold and dark, my boy will moan endlessly, wishing to be transported back to Singapore!

I am here for work, and had my family moved together to share my "misery"! Haha!