Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homemade Condensed Milk

There are several things that I take for granted back at home. Mum's traditional coffee made from "socks" and sweetened with condense milk is one. Condensed Milk is another. Both of which I deeply miss when i am in London.

I remembered my disappointment when I couldn't find the familar tins of condensed milk in the local store. At least not till months later. I recalled with excitement when I finally found Carnation condensed milk in the supermarket - I facebook-ed about it relentlessly about my (over)joy! Then, promptly stocked up lots of that.

One day, I was going thru Mary's blog, and found her post on homemade condensed milk! I bookmarked her post for the longest time as I try to run down my "inventory". Finally got to do it last week :-)

The homemade version is alot more economical and flavourful! The flavour, I think comes from the milk powder & butter, so it helps to get the best you can get. The only thing I am trying to understand is the very minute oily spot floating on my coffee, coming from the butter. But this is only the appearance... there's no smell of butter, for sure.

If you are stranded in a foreign land like me, and need some taste of home, do try making this condensed milk yourself. Easy Peasy!

Homemade Condensed Milk
Recipe from Mary Moh

125g butter
2C sugar
1C boiling water
4C skimmed milk powder (or less)

  1. Put the butter and sugar in the blender and then pour in boiling water. Turn on the blender, and beat at lowest intil well combined.
  2. Add the milk powder 1 cup at a time, blend well after each cup until all is finished. It may look very liquid but will thicken when it cools down.

If it is too thick, it will be difficult to tip it out of the container when left in the fridge. So I used 3 cups of milk powder.

If you need inspiration for recipes using condensed milk - check out here.


MaryMoh said...

Oh tried the condensed milk! Thanks for the mention and glad you liked it. You can cut down on the butter if you find the butter floating on your coffee. This condensed milk is great for making desserts. The butter and milk powder gives it the lovely flavour that is missing in the ones that we buy from the shops. Worst still, in Malaysia there's no more condensed milk I think. All of them are called sweet creamer because they are made from palm sugar. Hope you are doing great in London. It has been cold, right? It's so cold in Aberdeen here.

Cookie said...

I fully agree that the home made condensed milk is lovely - I credit this to your generous sharing!

London is really great; cold but not as cold as it gets in Aberdeen or other Europe cities. I am starting to love London!!!