Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My First White Christmas

Oh what fun, is to lie on the snow. Ask my favourite niece!

When I first arrived in London last summer, my colleagues gave me advices how to bruce myself for the bitterly cold winter but categorically told me forget about the snow. Snow in London is like snow in Sahara, the wise one said.

Haha, lucky lucky me. Last month, there were 2 snow fall in London. The first one in early Dec - when my family decided we should go to Austria Alps to experience the snow. After few days of enduring the snow in Salzburg, we saw snow falling when our returning plane arrived at London Gatwick Airport!

The 2nd time, when i had my family of 11 over for holiday! We were in Paris when I read about the snow alert on Dec 18 from Met Office. I do not know if I should trust the weather forecast but I shared the alert with my brother-in-law who is so keen to let his kids experience snow.

So when we all came back to London on Dec 18, all eyes on the sky before they draw their verdict if they the Met Office is worth their salt.

The first snow flake ascended on us on that Fri afternoon. But so little that there's only muddy patches here and there. Then it snowed thru the night. When we woke up the next morning, you can see the glistering eyes staring at the thin film of snow in the garden.

Snow knew they can't disappoint my honourable guests; it snowed heavier. By late morning, we had pure white sheet when the kids had lunch by the garden. Boy, we got it!

All the parents dressed up the kids in full attire, and were out in full force. See how much fun they are having!

PS: Dot and all, thanks for coming over. Thanks for bringing us so much goodies that I missed from home, and most importantly, thanks for the 2-week fun we had together!


hanushi said...

It sure looked fun!! :)

MaryMoh said...

Wonderful to know that your family had a great time with the snow. I was so glad that I managed to escape the many days of blizzard here in Aberdeen cos I was in Malaysia. My hubby and girls called me each day .... they were my weather guys...haha. It was freezing. I was so glad I was in hot Malaysia :D When I came back on Christmas Eve, there were still thick snow all over but slowly melt within a few days....phew! Please take care. Hope you are enjoying your stay in London.

edith said...

Looking at your pictures, I can imagine how much fun the kids had. My daughter loves to do that snow angel act too.

Cookie said...

Hi Hanushi,
It IS fun!!! Even for us adults :-)

Hi Mary,
You are such an angel to be in back in MY for your parents! You'll know how much you miss home when you enjoy the hot humid weather in asia!!! I sure do.

Hi Edith
You got to make a trip here to fulfil your daughter's dream. Winter just started, so you are still in time. Will be great to meet u here :-)

mui mui said...

I should be the one to thank you for making our 2-week stay a memorable winter holiday.

We must have created a lot of mess with so many children running around the house and eating everywhere they go (despite the constant reminder).

I just feel bad for not bringing bak-kua along. The goodies that I brought may not last you till you return.

Thanks for hosting us really ... see you back at home soon!