Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nasi Lemak

Looking back at the old posts, i realised that B is slowly drifting away from my kitchen adventures.  I blame it on the school.  Singapore education system is a killer.  Not becos he felt overwhelmed by the learnings, but school time is a complete time waster.  This is, to him.

If you are a parent, or working in the education industry, you might have followed the series of reports on Finland education system.  There, it teaches children life skills.  Here, it teaches children about compliance.  I can go on ranting what i like/dislike but nothing will change.  Period.

Nevermind if I seemed like a discontented mother venting out on my child's inability to cope with the local system...

Back to this post, it was a very old one but never get to finish it until this staycation weekend when I finally get to relax and visit my little space here.

I found the trick to make nice nasi lemak is the copious amount of salt and coconut milk.  In my case, I use 2 cups coconut milk + 1 cup water for 3 cup rice.  Salt is 1tbsp.  Yes this is alot, but it will not make your rice salty, I promise.  Do try and tell me what you think yah.

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