Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baking Supplies

These are some of the good baking supplies that I have visited. I will update as and when I find out something new.


Coyaku Food Products Pte. Ltd
No. 1, Sims Lane #01-11
Singapore 387355
Tel: 67470069 (Anna Phua)
somewhere near Aljunied MRT (next to Phoon Huat)

Anna Phua has the best Konnyaku powder in Singapore - it's very chewy.
(Thanks Aunty Yochana for this "secret"!)


Ailin Bakery House
#01-47/48 Tanjong Katong Complex
Tel: +65 6743 2693

Good for:

  • vanilla essence - I hear from the users in KC that this is far better than Phoon Huat and Bake King.


Sun Lik Trading
33 Seah Street (behind Raffles Hotel)
Tel: +65 63380980

Good for :
  • easy going boss - I brought back the baking tray which couldn't fit into my oven over a month later, and, yes, the boss allowed me to exchange for something else!

  • pineapple paste - if you are not prepared to slog over the oven to make pineapple paste for your pineapple tarts, get one of the best pineapple paste here.

  • Chef Master colouring - this is far far cheaper than Wilton's food colouring. Good if you use alot of dye.

I only wish the boss can stop pushing his ready-muffin-mix each time I am there. I have nothing against it, but I love to play with all different ingredients... and the unpredictability!

BTW, if you buy your flours (bread flour, plain flour etc) from Sun Lik, I strongly suggest that you sift them before use. I won't tell you what I see in my fresh pack of bread flour ! *ugh*


182 Bt Timah Rd,
Tel: +65 61002253

Good for:
  • Friendly staff
  • Neat and tidy layout.
  • Rental service - baking mould, cupcake stands, and books are avail for rental.
  • Full range of Wilton products
Not so good for:
Price - most items are generally dearer here then elsewhere. e.g. I bought Valrhona 70% at SunLik for $10.80 (300g). 500g pack here costs $20+.

Jones the Grocer
B9 Dempsey Road #01-12 Dempsey Hill S247697
Tel +65 6476 1512

This is not a baking supplies store but has a small baking section carry quality ingredients.
Great for :
  • vanilla extract - this is the real stuff ok :-)
  • taking a break when you are tired after groceries shopping - there's long tables all around the store, and an extensive menu for you to rest and recharge! They have very pretty s'mores cupcake too!

Only grouse is it's out-of-the-way location!

Kwong Cheong Thye
61/63 Lorong 27 Geylang
off Sims Ave (near Aljunied MRT station)
Tel +65 6748-0128

Great for getting all the mooncake-making stuff; the different types of ready made filling, snow skin mix, boxes etc.

I will probably use only the snowskin premix from KCT from now on - really soft skin for days!


2 Jurong East St 21 #04-33V
IMM Bldg
Singapore 609601
Tel: 6562 0438 Fax: 6562 5439

  • The packaging materials like cookie bags and plastic containers etc are cheaper here than other retail stores.
  • They also provide edible imaging printing service.

SKP - Packaging Supplies
Check website for store locations:


On-line Bakery Products - Malaysia
  • 16-hole cupcake box (with the cupcake insert to hold cupcake in its place) for RM2.70 !!!
  • 25-hole for RM3.00!
  • The wedding cupcake box (on right) is RM1.50 each!


Updated 25 April 2014


mercy said...

Can you please let me know where in Singapore I can buy some Wilton products like flower making tools.

mercy said...

Pleaselet me know where in Singapore canI buy Wilton tools for cakes and Wilton tools for sugarpaste flowers

mercy said...

Pleaselet me know where in Singapore canI buy Wilton tools for cakes and Wilton tools for sugarpaste flowers

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy Wilton products for sugarpaste flower making and Wilton cake products?

Cookie said...

Hi Mercy,
pardon the late reply as I was away.

You can get the Wilton tools from Phoon Huat @Geylang Branch - that's its biggest and better equipped store.

mercy said...

Can you please give me Poon Huat@Geylang Branch's address and phone number please

Cookie said...

Hi Mercy,
Here's PH Geylang's contact details.

Geylang Lor 23, One Sims Lane, #01-10 Singapore 387355
Tel: 6846 7825

For other branches or more information, you can check out their website :

Anonymous said...


Any ideas where to get baking tools for cake pops?

Cookie said...

Hi - you should be able to find the cake pop stuff at BIY. I say "should be able" cos I have not been there for a long long time, perhaps you can ring them up to check to save you a trip. :-)

Mazlan said...

Hi, i tried to access the malaysian link you provided, but it seems that i need an invitation to read the blog. Could you help, please? Thanks, Farah

Cookie said...

Hi Mazlan,

sometimes the blog owner decides to take the blog private and hence need invitation. I am afraid there isn't much I can do for this.

Have a good day!

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