Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Cookie House Kit

I first saw this prebaked halloween cookie house kit in Wilton's site... and was so excited that i started to search for local store carrying this. For US13.99, I was expecting to pay ~$22 in Singapore... you can imagine my jaws dropping when I saw this in B-I-Y for S$36!

Also I was a little disappointed when the store assistant didn't allow me to open up the pack to check if the cookie are in good condition. I supposed with the price I had to fork out, it was a fair request. In the end, I had to buy first, then open up on the spot to check the contents. If it broken or cracked, then I use the credit amount to buy something else. No cash refund! I guess this is the part where retail industry in Singapore has to improve on. In some countries, consumers are entitled to full refund for anything that didn;t meet their expectation =p

Fortunately it was all in good condition - the smart chaps in Wilton shrink-wrapped the cookie with a cardboard backing to withstand all the mishandlings. I was quite happy with my find, it has everything I need for the decoration:

- 10 pre-baked gingerbread house pieces
- orange and black decorating icing mixes,
- 1 ghost icing decoration,
- colorful candy (purple and orange mini round candies, jelly beans and candy corn),
- 2 decorating tips,
- 2 disposable decorating bags,
- cardboard base, complete assembly and decorating instructions.

I will post the pix after I get them assembled with my little boy.

If you care to make everything from scratch: here's where you can find the instruction:

Me? I am pure lazy!


cloudz1 said...

wow.. cool site!

where is b.i.y? i want to get a halloween cookie house too :)

also, do u know where i can get more info abt halloween's at woodgrove? Ie. what time it starts & ends typically? Any open house where we can go crash a party or maybe ask to be invited?


Cookie said...

Hi Winnie,

B-I-Y is a baking supplies store in Bukit Timah. You can find out more from their website:

Woodgrove is a very small & close community, and being americans, they are very friendly. You just go there after dark and follow the kids. I don't think there's a formal invitation system there.

Have fun!


cloudz1 said...

Oh wow.. thanks so much!

i just moved to woodgrove apartments (a few months ago), was thinking of asking my little nieces to come for e halloween festivities :)
i will definitely get a halloween cookie house kit fr b.i.y!

Cookie said...

Oh, yes I know Woodgrove Apartment. Cool! I like to buy my groceries at the NTUC next to it!

Tell me all your about your fun!