Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweet Sandwich Bread (S&D Method)

I love making cupcakes but have taken to baking bread recently cos I just cleaned out my fridge last week and was throwing away several boxes of the cupcakes which I had frozen earlier. The intent was to keep them to eat later but the supply outstrip consumption in my family so in the end I had to toss them out. Very sad... cos there's alot of time and effort has being put into each little cuppies.

But bread is different. Hubby eats bread, so statistically there's a 100% increase in demand, making it easier to "sell".

To further entice their appetite, I have to make them into different flavour... You won't eat 3 pork floss bun, but will eat 1 pork floss, 1 hot dog and 1 kaya. The more variation, the faster it gets eaten up. Heehee, little tricks to get these people to eat more!

This time round I made :
1) Peanut Butter Loave

It was meant to be a loave, but didnt rise high enough as you can see! Also I do not have a bread loaf tin so I just use my loaf cake pan for it. Next time I will use 120g (x3 pcs) and let it proof longer. I may get a square loaf... let's see.

I spread a thin delay of crunch peanut butter before rolling it up like swiss-roll.

2) Corn - this is my favourite... a healthier choice!

To get this shape, flatten the dough, sprinkle the corn on it (more or less as you wish) then roll it up. Make it length-wise, and coil it in the little cuppies.

The effect of glazing: the one on the right is without glazing:

I made the glaze using 1 tbsp of milk powder with some water. Brush it on when the bun is hot.

3) Pork floss

Mix the pork floss with some condense milk before wrapping it into the dough. I do not have condense milk so I use cream cheese spread.

4) Sausage
I roll the 50g dough into long strip, then wrap it round the sausage. Tuck the ends underneath so that it does not come loose.


I have been making bun with kaya filling with little luck. On several instances, the kaya would just find it's way out of the dough, making the oven so stickly and hard to clean! It must be the way I wrap - if you know if a better way to do this, pls share with me.


This recipe is taken from Alex Goh, “Baking Code”, P140
Makes 2 loaves.

Overnight Sponge:
100g bread flour
60g water, room temp
¼ tsp instant yeast

  1. Mix the instant yeast with 20g of water until well blended. Add in the remaining ingredients and knead to form a dough.

  2. Let it proof for 30min. Wrap with cling film and keep in the refridgerator overnight or upto 48hours.

This is my sponge - I get 152g of overnight sponge from the recipe.

Ingredient A -
550g bread flour
80g sugar
6g salt
20g milk powder
10g instant yeast

Ingredient B -
150g overnight sponge

Ingredient C -
1 cold egg
270g cold water

Ingredient D -
75g butter


  1. Mix A until well blended. Add B, then C, knead to form a dough.

  2. Add in D, knead to form a smooth and elastic dough. Cover it with cling film. Allow it to proof for 45 min.

  3. Divide the dough into 6 equal portions, mould it round. Allow it to rest for 10min.

  4. Roll the dough flat, then roll it up like swiss-roll. Allow it to rest for 10min. Repeat the step 1 more time.

  5. Place 3 pieces of the dough into a greased loaf tin (20x 11.5x 11.5cm).
    Let it proof for 50min or until 80% full of the loaf tin. Cover it with the lid.

  6. Bake at 200C for 35min. Remove it immediately from the tin when baked.

This recipe has an egg - it adds a very nice yellow tinge to the bread. Also the leavening effect of the egg makes the bread soft and fluffy!


Art of Eating said...

Yummy buns. I've yet to try this overnight sponge recipe a try, though i got this same book.

Hmmm ... even more i should give it a try since your result looks very encouraging.

Cookie said...


the overnight sponge method will yield soft and moist bread. I think your mum will like this


Anonymous said...


I just new to bake bun, may i how how many tsp or tbsp for the 10 gm instant yeast, 20 gm milk powder and the 6 gm salt?

Thank you in advance.

Cookie said...

Hi Babekl,
10g yeast = ~2.5tsp
20g milk powder = ~10tsp
6g salt = ~1 tsp

Try to get a digital weighing, it is much more accurate.