Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do you call this a World Peace Cookie?

I picked up a pack of butterscotch chips from Cold Storage at my weekly groceries trip... partly becos I never eaten a butterscotch before. Eager to bake a batch of cookies with the new "sweets", I went google...

After all the research and reviewing, I decided to stick to my same old World Peace Cookie . I certainly do not have a love-at-first-sight affair with WPC, but over time, as I repeatedly baked for people who requested for it, I slowly fell for this morsel.

I replaced the chocolate chip with butterscotch chips, and after so many round of hopeless attempts to get the nicely sliced cookies, I shaped them free hand instead. I used a 10ml measuring spoon to measure out the dough so that the cookies can be even sized.
The cookies is great - very chocolately as always, and the butterscotch is sweet and soft... I do not have sweet tooth but do enjoy this combination. Only that I will reduce the sugar if going to use butterscotch next time.

And now I wonder... after all these substitutions and changes, do you still call them World Peace Cookies?


Anncoo said...

This is really new to me..World Peach Cookie?? very special name.

Cookie said...

Hi Anncoo,
World Peace Cookie is more than a special name. This splendid creation is by Dorie Greenspan! If you like chocolate, you will love this!

This is my hubby's favourite, and a hit among my colleagues.

Die die must try!


Anncoo said...

OK, I promise will definitely try this. World "Peace" Cookie not "Peach"..being having to lots of peaches that day...haha...

Cookie said...

Haha, I often made such typo error too!

If you end up adding peaches to the cookie dough, we may really get our local version of WPC!