Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Over

Soon enough, xmas is over. 2009 will be over in about 10 hours!

This is the last of my xmas bake for my good friend DK, using allergan-free cupcake recipe from Martha Steward's new book CUPCAKE.

I made a promise to myself that if I buy a book, I must bake at least 5 recipe from the book. In a way, it is meant to break myself from the habit of buying too many book without really using it. It does not help when i am only allocated 3 shelves in the book cases, and it is already overflowed to the bedside table, dining room, living room... Let's see if I do better in 2010.

I also wished that in 2010 I will bake more and buy less. I often get enticed by the ingredient, baking pan or a fondant cutter... and to use it only once. Many accompished bakers have done alot more fantastic stuff with half of what I own, I bet!

I also wish that I will learn to take things easy - the recent being forgetting to take a photo of the Xmas cupcake which I made for Sheen's celebration. I had not success convincing daddy J to go to school to take the photo for me. I brood over it for 2 days... cos I thought they look too good to have missed the photography session. LOL!

How about you? How have your year been, and what's up for the next decade?


Anncoo said...

Happy New year and wishing you & your family all the best for the coming year.

Big Boys Oven said...

they are sefintely a great pack of cupcakes, just awesome! Happy New Year to you too!

dk said...

Thanks for the cake. My sis & I finished them by the next day. =)

Cookie said...

Happy New year and keep up the fantastic posts in your blog!

Big Boys Oven
Thanks for dropping by!

Glad both of you like them!


Art of Eating said...

Happy Year 2010 ! More bake from you ...

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Cookie! May 2010 bring great things your way :)

I love how you've resolved to bake at least 5 recipes from a book you own. I shall keep that in mind, and attempt it too!

Cookie said...

Happy 2010 for you too!

I already see your kitchen being very very busy!!! Yes, i will catch up!!!

Cookie said...


Happy new year 2010 to you too!

I hope for more wonderful cakes from you!

Anonymous said...

where'd you get the letter cutters! i love the font!
let me know!
btw your dad looks awesome at 70!
love the cake and so much thought being put into it :)
and its not crappy. it looks really fab.

Cookie said...

Hi Felicia,

I'll email the details on fondant cutter to you.

My dad will be jubilant with your compliments... I will tell him! Haha.