Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rush Rush

I know I have been missing for too long... for reasons I will explain in my later post.

For now, I wanna share this raspberry cake which we had for my 3-yo niece's birthday a fortnight ago!

This cake was made in record time. I started baking on Saturday morning, and in between I took Sheen to his swimming lesson and cleaning him up afterthat. It's a wonder I managed to get everything ready when daddy came back to fetch baby and I at 11.30am.

Happy birthday girl Si-Ting with her favourite cousin on her left:

The cake is a 3 layer sponge cake with fresh raspberry filling:

My brother told me his girl loves strawberries, and I was suppose to make just that. The last time, I bought the strawberry 1 week in advance which gives plenty of time for them to turn moldy. So this time, I am smarter: i happily went to supermarket on thursday... All in all, I went to 4 supermarkets in my precinct... Can't believe that no one has any strawberries on the shelf!!!

In the end, i bought raspberry... haha, at least the colour is the same :-)


Anncoo said...

Looks perfect even in the rushed. Next time I will add raspberry too!
Happy Mother's day to you ;)

mui mui said...

we love the cake! great taste, even better look! we want more!

Cookie said...

Hi Ann
To me, raspberry is a lady's cake, most girls love it!!!

Mui mui,
That's the thing about baking for you guys - I always feel like a million-dollar baker!

ovenhaven said...

For something rushed, it looks perfect! Now if only my bakes would turn out that good when I'm in a hurry :P

mui mui said...

saw you baking last Saturday, it's really no joke ah! really appreciate it even more... guess we are gonna miss your cake

Maria♥ said...

Hi cookie

Unfortunately I have some sad news about Rosie from Baking Cakes Galore and Sweet & Simple Bakes, Rosie passed away yesterday. I have written up a tribute to her on my blog and I am asking everyone who knew her if they would please take some time to leave a comment. I will be printing off all the comments to pass onto her husband.


Cookie said...

Hi ovenhaven
Thanks for your kind words!

mui mui
Hop by London, and I will be happy to bake you more more and more!

I am sorry to hear of Rosie's demise. I'll swing over to your blog right away!

With thoughts.

Anonymous said...

looks delicious! mind posting recipe pls.thanks(: