Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When the tube is on strike

Last week, many of the tube services were suspended due to the strike. Needless to say, i can't get to work, and I didn't bring my notebook home, so I had a day rest at home.

The usual Singaporean in ME would have wailed how ridicules it was - how can the country allow anyone to be on strike causing so much disruption!!!
But looking at the right side, I will be happier if I accept the fact, and deal with the consequences. In the case, the consequence is take charge of the kitchen for the day.
I gladly be - i served the simple stired fry lettuce, briased soy pork & potato, baked beans with spam. Sheen was so happy to have me at home when he came back... for that, I have no qualms for anymore strikes!

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