Monday, December 6, 2010

A New Home, A New Start

I have slacked again.... taking a long break between post. But all for the better - did some 'soul searching', seen a few places, met some people to finally come to terms with my stint in London.

After all we have been thru you will see why London ain't a bad place after all - it has milder weather compared to some part of UK and European countries. We get the best (probably, since i have yet to travel to all European cities) chinese food, and the variety of food offered in London Supermarket is unbeatable! The most important of all, we have no language barrier here - when everyone and everything here is in English. Imagine my anguish when I was seated in a restaurant in Munich staring at all the German text... not to mention signages in tube station and everywhere else.

Another thing that helped to settle us is that we have stopped living out of serviced apartments. Yeah, after over 3mths, we have moved into our 'own' place. I say 'own' cos it is not really our own, but a rented place but it is good enough to make us feel back home again. We spent much time and efforts (+ financial damages) to decorate the place... now we are proud to have our HOME!

Thanks to all the advices when I whined painlessly - because of your sharing, I was able to reflect and mull over my circumstances. My family and I are now playing happy tourists every weekend visiting the beautiful countrysides in England. We have a long list to go thru, and not sure when we can move on to explore the Scotland... haha, slowly we will get there, maybe next summer!

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