Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

I have grossly neglected my this little blog. I know. But truth is that I am so busy with work these days, and by the time i get home with a tired body, i only have enough energy for a quick meal and some family chores. Social life is non-existence on weekdays. Leave alone baking.

Come weekends, things turn for the better. I am always busy exploring the Enlgand countryside with my family together in our little Poppy. Oh btw, Poppy is our new additional, a red mini cooper, my dream car.

Ok, enough of showing off!

Many friends have emailed or Facebook-ed me to ask if the snow in London is as bad as it has been report in the papers... well, I leave you to figure out from this pic.

Before I go, wish everyone who is still holding on to the handle of my Happy Cup, have a very warm and wonderful 2011 ahead!


Anonymous said...

awesome car. Happy New Year to you. When are you coming back to singapore for good? We miss your baking posts..

dailydelicious said...

Your Poppy is very cute, this one is my dream car to, but unfortunately I don't know how to drive, haha.
Anyway thank you for stopping, and Happy New Year!

Cookie said...

Hi Anonymous,
Many thanks for leaving me a comment. WIll be good if you could leave a name so that i can address u properly :-)

I should be back next summer... not sure if i am looking forward but hubby sure is!!!

Hi Pook,
It is very challenging to drive in Bangkok, I won't learn if I were you!

Happy 2011 both!