Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Before it gets forgotten, I like to post this as an appreciation to my pal who invited me to his mum's house for some zongzi (粽子) lesson.

Thanks SC, I finally fulfilled my long time daunting wish to make my own dumpling!

The expert at work!

Line up of the stars!

Even their domestic helper can make chang!  I want her!

My generous host kept asking me to add more more more meat!

That's me - needed extra hand to make the cut.

After 2 hours of wrapping, they are ready for boiling.
So nostalgic, i remembered my grandma used to utilise the space in the corridor too.

enjoy the fruit after another few hours of boiling.  Yummy, really.


MaryMoh said...

Well done for learning to make those dumplings! Looks very delicious. I remember my mom always used to help my neighbours make. Wonder why they didn't want to learn...strange huh.

Cookie said...

Hi Mary,

Hope you are getting better.

You mother must be making good bak chang, so the neighbors couldn't be bothered to learn :-)

I have managed to make some more on my own - just need find time to put it up...