Thursday, June 14, 2012

Foodie @ Alkaff Mansion

It's been a long 8-9 years since Alkaff Mansion was closed for renovation.  I remembered i wanted to hold my wedding there but gave up the idea cos money no enough then!

Perhaps that the reason why this place holds a special place in my heart; when I read about the reopening of the restaurant, I made a date.

Deja-vu...  Fort Canning?

this is a speaker in disguise!

Beautiful courtyard

the restaurant entrance?  You wait in style while the staff get your table ready.

This is a starter, on the house.  Can't remember the name but very tasty

fresh warm bread... complimentary too.

buddy's starter - Scampi

Mine - Pan Fried Mozarella with Parma Ham.  Thumbs up... you can hardly go wrong with anything ham & cheese!  

The cold cuts room in the middle of the restaurant where the ham and cheese are aged and stored.

a elegantly quiet place!

Pan seared Cod Fish
Grilled Baby Chicken - very well marinated!

Caramelized Almond Semifreddo with coffee sauce.  I could hardly eat anymore but just had to have a sweet ending!

nothing is done till the coffee is served!

Not cheap but compared to many fine dining like Ku Da Ta & Sky 57, this is affordable!

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