Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No-Bake Week!

Work is taking me to KL this week... so I have to take a hiatus from baking this week.

I am putting up Grand Millenium, formerly known as The Regent. A grand but boring hotel... cos there's no interesting baking supplies in the nearby area. I browsed the web and found a list of shops ( but they are not really nearby, you know. And I am not quite ready to brave the chaotic traffic to the other end of the city... I mean not that I have the time anyway! Sigh, I was hoping to have a chance to buy some new baking supplies.

I do not know if it's the shopaholism in me or the baker's instinct; I am constantly looking for reasons to buy something new... all the small cute things like silicon baking cups, cake boxes, mini icing flower or just sprinkles. In fact, my times I find reasons to bake after a long hard day's work just so that I can use my precious gems ;-)

Anyway, I have managed to sneak to Bake-It-Yourself just hours before leaving Singapore to load up some some stuff - the sparkle candles (mum's birthday in August), silver foil cupcake liner (classier than the paper ones), ABC-123 quins (this is soooo unique), Xmas sanding sugar (at 50% off, I can well afford to keep them for xmas), add-a-message fun pix (what a way to personalise my cupcakes!) . Last but not least, a stackable Bear cookie cutter (brand new product from Wilton, so cute... die die must buy lah!).

They are all still in the bag. *GRIN* When I am back, I will unpack them and take a pix for oh-god-sake!

PS (Jun 24): Here's the pix as promised... it's taken with my mobile phone cos my camera has just ka-put!

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