Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guava Lava

If you ask around, I am sure not many will count the humble guava as their favourite fruit. Some people eats slice guava with the sour plum powder which I think it is more for the sour plum than the fruit.

I am among the guilty ones, btw... and you can't blame me cos the guava on it's own is bland and hard.

But lurking beneath, it is a super fruit - it contains 5 times more vitamin C than an orange, cholesterol, saturated and sodium free, plus low in fat and calories, high in fiber. It also contains key nutrients like: carotenoids, folate, potassium, fiber, calcium and iron. Calcium is typically not found in high amounts in many fruits.

You do not need me to tell you that diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol and rich in fruits and vegetables that contain dietary fiber may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease!

With such benefits, all we need to find a palatable way to eat it :-)

I was in seventh heaven when I found this is a very simple yet so addictive creation from kitchencapers . I have to thank Yvne for sharing this recipe! She's right, no one (except Sheen) can keep their hands off the tub of guava!!


Marinated Guava

What you need:
3 guavas, de-seeded and sliced very thinly-about 2mm thick
2 pack dried mandarin orange skin sliced thinly into strips
1 red chilli sliced thinly (optional - I omit)

How to do this:
Marinate everything together and leave overnight or about 6-8 hours in the fridge. Eat it while it's chilled.


I made this 2 weeks ago... when the temperature was a scorching 36C! Nothing beats snacking this delightful fruits on a day like that!

Preserved Mandarin Oranges : I bought this from Prime Supermarket in Jurong West for $1.25 (for 4 packets). I have never not tried using other brands... but as in any recipe, the basis rule is that it must taste good on its own. Don't use the dried mandarin oranges from medical hall - it is bitter.

Guava: I generally get the thai seedless version. It cost a little more, but I find the "flesh" to be softer and not so "siap-siap". Only it says seedless, I still remove the core before slicing... all for my fussy eaters at home.

It may look dry initially- there's no need to add water. After the hours sitting in the fridge, guava itself will gives out the juice to marinate itself!

The only trick is to make sure you get the right proportion of guava to dried mandarin oranges. Too little, your guava will be bland. Too much your guava will be overly salty. It is not rocket science, so much taste and adjust along the way. Simple! For myself, I find the best ratio to be 1 packet to 800g of guava.

BTW, I first made this 2 weeks ago... when the temperature was a scorching 36C! What is like snacking on this fruits?



Art of Eating said...

Hi Pal,

Try grinding the dried mandarin orange skin into powder with the blender. It's more fine & tasty.

Enjoy !

Cookie said...

Hey, Is this what you have been doing?

I brought 1 tub of this gauva to office to share with my colleague. Boy, i was astonished to learn that many people have been doing similar thing at home. I am really feel like the sua-ku... *blushed*

BTW, I have used up all my mandarin oranges liao... I will surely try grinding it next time round. Thanks for sharing, sista!

chumpman said...

When I travelled to Taiwan 2 weeks ago, my friend bought sliced guava with sour plum powder at least twice a day. Becoz of curiousness, I tried some and it didn't smell as strong as those from Thailand. When I tried it again w/o sour plum powder after I came back home, it's pretty bland.

Considered it's quite cheap (HK$10 for 5-6 pcs.) and really healty and the most important is it's low in fat and calories, I have to give one more try tomorrow to marinate it as how you did. Hope it turns out well

Carrie said...

Hi happy cup,

I tried this b4 as well, but I did not use the suggested amount of mandarin peels, as I find that it'll be too sweet.. So i reduce it and add some lime juice to give it a more tangy taste!


Cookie said...

Hi Chumpman,
Yeah, plain guava is too bland for my liking too.

Not sure where you are based... In SG, for equivalent of HK10, you can buy 500g worth of good quality guava, and it yield a big 4"x4"x2" tall tub. You can eat until shiok shiok.

In anycase, I am keen to hear back from you :-)

Hi Carrie,
I also find the original qty of mandarin peels too much. Given that these are preserved food, we should reduce where possible. Just use enough to have a pleasant taste is good enough.

I didn't add lime juice cos I find guava gives out enough liquid to make the whole thing quite wet leh. Isn't it?


Carrie said...

Hi happy cup,

Yah, the guavas will kind of like 'produce' water during the marination process.. Hehe.. I add lime juice cos I like it to be slightly tangy, sourish.. Hehe!


Cookie said...

wow Carrie, just reading it soured my jaws... going to salivate =p