Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gwen Kit's 9th Birthday Party

This is the birthday girl and my favourite niece, Gwen Kit:

Personal time is scarce... but I can't resist the request to bake her birthday cake. I intended to make her a High School Musical Cake (her fav!) but the image file I received from sis was corrupted... and I just didn't have time to make another one.

I decorated the cake simply, and left the writing to her mum. I got this idea from a store at Jurong Point. If you have been there, it is such a big hit. Everyone wants to boast that they "made" the cake themselves...

Anyway it is a good way to encourage participation, ya?
The happy family:

Gwen Kit and Gwen In:

Not forgetting the invite which is made by this young lass:

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cherry potato said...

This strawberry cake very beautiful!