Monday, June 1, 2009

I have been looking forward to Jun 2009...

I have never been a great fan of June. I rather every month is a May cos I get to enjoy at least 2 holidays, May Day and Vesak Day, not to mentioned yours truly's birthday! Financially May is also THE month cos most companies pay out their dividends in May too!!!

But this June is special.


Yeah, the Mei Chin Road Market is going to reopen this Jun after a long long closure (2 years???) for upgrading.

There are many markets being upgraded by our gar-ment so if 1 close, I just go to another one lor. But this Mei Chin Market was like a cold turkey for my family and I. We made weekly pilrimmage to this market for our chicken rice!!!

Some may suggest other "better" chicken rice, but seriously, i can live with Sin Kee for the rest of my live... There are 1001 ways to qualify what is BEST. To us it is a combination of many factors like parking, environment, service, plus more. And this store has a special place in my family!!!

If you are still not convinced, dun bother to hop there to try... cos we will selfishly like to have the quiet place to ourselves!!!

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice & Fish Porridge/新記馳名雞飯魚生粥, Mei Chin Road Market & Cooked Food Centre #02-89G, Block 159, Mei Chin Road

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