Friday, November 27, 2009

Making magic again...

Here's another go at the Alex Goh's magic bread :
A little glitch in this session - i acccidentally overdosed the salt - put in almost double the requried quantity!

Though I tried to compensate with a little more yeast, still the proofing took forever. 14 hours to be exact - 8 hours for the 1st proof, and 6 for the final.

A lesson for us is to make sure we pre-measure out all the ingredients carefully. I was lazy so I added everything into the mixing bowl. But luckily, the bread turn out good and well after all the anticipation!

This is the one with sardine and onion filling:


dailydelicious said...

Thank you very much!
Luckily, I bought a lot of vanilla extract from my last trip.
Anyway, thank so much to think of me.

mui mui said...

hello, i want to complain! why didn't I get to sample this bread?

must reserve some for me to try ah...

Cookie said...

I thought I had the perfect excuse to meet up with you!!! Just let me know if need to bring anything from SG.

Sure... easy to keep for u when we live under 1 roof next time.