Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sheen asked for a Hello Kitty Cake for...

Sheen requested that I made a Hello Kitty for his "girlfriend" cos she likes Hello Kitty too:

He said "when a boy likes a girl, he has to make her happy!"

Yes of course, my boy.

Mummy gladly obliged!


javapot said...

very sweet. can i ask where u get the alphabet print tool? tks

mui mui said...

wow, E-Sheen has a crush already! children nowadays grow so fast...

dk said...

your little boy grows too fast, ya?

Anonymous said...

Awwww what a charmer! His 'girlfriend' must've been so happy :D

Anncoo said...

This is so cute! You draw the Hello Kitty on the fondant?

Cookie said...

I got the print set from a friend. Pls email me know if you are keen to get; I will put both of you in contact.

mui mui,
I met Christian's mum last friday... haha, she also knows that e-sheen wants to marry her daughter!

And she said she agrees to the betrothal for the cupcake!

She is certainly an easy in-laws!

Yes, sometimes I think he grows too fast. I wish I can hold him a little longer.

Yes, his girlfriend is happy... she went home with the cupcake to tell her mum!

Anncoo said...
Haha, I didn't draw them... I can't. I have clumsy hands.

These are edible printed image.