Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the post-holiday itch and pancake mix

After a week's holidaying, it is now pay back time - all of us at home are nursing a terrible mossie bites since the day we came back. Strangely we didn't get a single itch while we were there. Given the encounter with these blood-sucking creatures at Avillion and Bayan Tree, I was actually quite amazed how they have managed to ward them off.

My happiness was short lived. On the first day we came back, a couple of sites started to itch. Then more spots came to light... these bite are quite usual. Even after 1 week, the swell has not subsided, and they sure itch like hell.

Before you say "whimp", let me say that are quite used to the local mossie bites that we still get from zoo visits etc. We usually do one of these which really work to relieve the itch (in the following order)

  • circle the bite site with ball point pen. I know this barely sound logical solution but I swear it works. anyway, it cost and hurt you nothing for a potential immediate relieve.
  • Handiplast Anti-itch gel - in some rare cases when (1) don't work.
  • prescribed Hydrocortisone cream - you need to get this from your family doctor.

I googled out of desparation and found this easy trick. Though I share it here as we bakers are all certain to have this simple ingredient in our kitchen:

When I first applied to the spot, it sting quite abit (maybe skin broken from the frantic scratching). But it kindda deter me from scratching so I get some relieve after a while. I can't use it on Sheen as he complained the sting hurts.

Verdict - it may work depending on the type of bite if the skin is not broken. Good if you do not stock the other ointment or medication at home.

Strangely the more I write about the itch, the more itchy it is getting to me! Think I better stop.

I made these pancakes out of pancake mix. It is a convenient choice for me cos only Sheen and I eats pancake. We only need a total of 3, or max 5 piece to call it a morning!

It is difficult for me to whip up such small quantities! The ready-to-use mix allow me to make as little as 3 pieces of pancakes. I simply pour 60g of mix into a mug, then stir in 60g of water until smooth.

I tried to add some sliced banano to the pancake but the sugar in banana burns and when that happens, it leaves the ugly burnt marks on the pancake. This mar pannies' good look!

So I caramelised the banana instead. Very sweet, soft and sticky. Lovely.

I wonder how Macdonalds achieve the evenly brown pancake. This is the closest I can get but yet to perfect :-(


Bimmer said...

Just want to share a banana pancake recipe I have here

There's banana in the pancake and it's topped with caramelised banana. I like it, perhaps you can give it a try sometime! :)

Cookie said...

thanks Bimmer, seen your post. Nice one you have!