Monday, August 2, 2010

Green's Chocolate Cupcake

I baked these chocolate cupcake just before I left my matrimonial home.

After the packer's left, I found this box of Cake Mix which i deliberately kept with me. And I really wanted to bake it. Shoud be easy with cake mix, I thought. So I started to organise the stuff I need:

eggs - checked
corn oil - checked
mixing bowl - shipped.
muffin pan - shipped

Instead of the mixing bowl, I found a relatively big soup bowl. Not quite big as the mixing bowl should be, but I will make do.

Muffin pan. Just use the paper pleated cupcake case lah. Haha, no luck it is also shipped. After rummaging thru what's left behind are stuff that needs to be thrown or given away, I found a pack of silicon cases sitting neat and proper in a box! :-)

Happiness is when you get to bake at the end of a hard day work!

PS: I used nutelle for the frosting on top.


Ling's Passion said...

You are so resourceful.

Cookie said...

haha, half the fun comes from finding substitution!