Friday, August 6, 2010

Life in London

Life in London is slowly taking shape.

Our air shipment has approved. We are all adjusted to the timezone, no more waking up at 3am. We are all starting to love the nice cool summer. We are even getting used to paying £12 for a plate of fried rice!!! I still remember when we first went to the supermarket, J and I couldn't stop our exclamations over the prices here!

Now, we've stop the mental currency convertion, and that kindda help us get by with little less stress. So much about climatisation!!!

Amidst the high cost of living here, we still managed to find some good buys. Like the pair of Clarks that I pick up last weekend. My cheapest Clarks, ever!

When it comes to sightseeing in a new city, 1 cost saving tip thing I learnt from my mum is to just board a bus, and let the bus take it anywhere. Alight when you feel like it, and continue the journey as you wish.

It is certainly far cheaper than taking the tourist bus tour. I paid £1.20 (with oyster card, a stored-value travel card in London or £2 if paying cash) per trip. If i had gone with the guided Big Bus Tour, I would be £26 poorer!

There are quite a few really impressive buildings that we came by:

Big Ben

Can't remember the name. Anyone?

Natural History Museum

Of course, there's also House of Parliament which is such an imposing architect.

My work place is just next to London Eye, I took this pix on a quiet cloudy morning before the tourists flock here:

J also start to try his hand at cooking. This is the first meal he has made in his life. It's instant noodle cooked, drained and served with fried egg and fried sausage.

Sheen was astonished that dad can cook, and gave him 2 thumbs up! Way to go, J!


dk said...

Good to see the whole family settling in. Take care! =)

MaryMoh said...

Oh, so you are working in London now! Welcome to UK. If you like cheaper food, you can try Malaysian Hall where you get way cheaper food cooked by Malaysians. We always go there when we are in London. Enjoy your time there.

Cookie said...

Hi dk,
we are... slowly but surely. Hope you come visit one day!

Hi Mary,
I went to google and noted the place - will certainly try out the food there if I am nearby.

For now, we are still happily checking out the restaurants in Chinatown. They are seriously good!

Art of Eating said...

No matter where you're, it nice to have your family with you :)

Cookie said...

Hi YY,
I can't agree with you more!!!

mui mui said...

if all my fingers can be considered "thumbs", i will gladly give my brother-in-law 10 thumbs up for trying his best to be a supportive spouse and wonderful daddy!


Blessed Homemaker said...

It's never easy to move, esp with a family with kids. And the adaption, really need some time to settle down.

My nephew is flying off to London next wk for a 3 yrs course in UCL. I just hope he will settle down well. As a parent, I know my sis will be worried and miss him during these few years.