Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baker in Training

Were you at the Grand Prix circuit last weekend?

I wished I did. The tics are just hideously expensive... I sadly missed the cute Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen in action. :-(

What I managed to do, instead, was to catch up on baking... baked a chiffon cake, mooncakes, some cookies (finally, without returning the softened butter back to the fridge), and some bread! Yeah.

Thanks for the pix in blessedhomemaker , I finally get some clues how to go about with the pleats on the sausage.

There are some very talented bakers who is able to innovate and use thier creative juice to bake many wonderful stuff for their loved ones... I am the unfortunate diligent ones who has to make up for the immensely lacking in innovation thru sheer hard work!

Yeah, I will practice, practice and practice!

While I was at it, I also tried another bread shaping which I saw somewhere.

Yes, sama sama, I need more practice!


Blessed Homemaker said...

I'm one of those unfortunate diligent ones too :P

Your strips are not long enough to cover the sausage. Try to roll it longer next time so that they overlap each other when folding.

For the 2nd shaping, try to cut more slits instead of 5. I usually cut 7 - 8 slits.

Art of Eating said...

Finally got your engine started and moving huh ...

Cookie said...

Thanks Blessed Homemaker,

I really appreciate your comments and sharing.

I will certainly try it again cos my little one loves sausages!

May I ask, what is the weight of the each dough you used? I used 50g but find it difficult to roll it any bigger.

Hi YY,
Yeah, after taking a break! Ready to roar :-)

Blessed Homemaker said...

My dough weighs between 50g and 60g. Are you saying that the dough will shrink when you try to roll it? If you have this problem, let the dough rest for another 10 - 15 mins, that should solve the problem.

Cookie said...

Hi Blessed Homemaker,

Appreciate your tips. I am going to try it out after I get over all the fondant frenzy!