Sunday, September 13, 2009

On 9 Sep '09

Last Sunday at the Natas promotion, we booked a tour package for our holiday next month. Despite the many holidays we have taken, package tour is rare for us.

And after this experience, it really reinforce my belief not to take any package tour.

After putting down the deposit for the package, I got a call from the tour agent 2 days later to inform us that the standard room is already sold. We are advised to top up $305 for the deluxe room, which we agreed.

Another day later, another person from the agent called to inform me that the pricing was wrong quoted. The top up should be $500 instead!!! And what pissed me more was the guy's attitude sucks... instead of apologising for their mistake, he told me he's trying to make sure I secure the booking soon by agreeing to the top up amount. I was disgusted with the bad service and I requested for a written quotation instead.

You know what, the fax quotation indeed reached me. The time stamp on the fax read "5.12pm", and it says the quotation is only valid until 5.30pm the same day!!! Can you beat this?

Holiday should be a happy event... who needs holiday if it gives you more grieve more pleasure? So I told them I decided to cancel and ask for the refund. I do not know if this is the industry practice but was told the refund will take 3 weeks!

Seriously I think the whole event is a rip off... and at this point, I simply couldn't be bothered to argue with them anymore!

Cos I need to run off for my baby sister's birthday... this lucky gal is born on Sep 9!

Making the fondant the night before, and dry them in the aircon room overnight:

the cake is a eggless sponge which i think needs to tweak the recipe further:

swee boh?
my baby sister:

with her dear hubby:
my studious niece:


Art of Eating said...

Terrible tour agency, should take them to CASE.

Nice 090909. Happy Belated Birthday to your sis !

Cookie said...

thanks YY... My sis reads this blog!

As for the agency - apparently refund policy is on the fine prints... but who in this world reads the tiny stuff? *sigh*

muimui said...

Really appreciate the sweet thoughts.

My birthday can never be nice without all nice people making nice things happen! Especially my lovely sister who never fails to make my day special all these years...

Zillion thanks!

Cookie said...


The pleasure is mine!

No one else in the world can put up with all my diggings!

Art of Eating said...

Hi muimui, so nice to have a sis like cookie. Send in more request for her to fulfill, hahahahha.

Dislike all those fine print. How could those agency folks kept revising the rate. They're just too much.

Cookie said...

Am sharing my bad experience and hope the rest will pick up and learn from there.

Fine prints are used to protect the merchants... little for us as consumers. Buyers beware!

As for my muimui - I love baking for them cos she likes everything that comes out of my oven!!!