Friday, September 11, 2009

Pandan Snowskin Mooncake 中秋月饼

The Mid-Autumn Festival (or in Chinese Zhongqiu Jie 中秋节) is a popular harvest festival celebrated by chinese people dating back over 3,000 years with dances, feasting and moon gazing. Mooncakes are indispensable delicacy on this occasion.
Since I used the disney cookie cutter to make puen kueh in Jun, I have been waiting to use them to make the snowskin mooncake! Finally get to make them today; planned to go Bird Park but the Sunday rain kept us all in!
Sheen, together with his cousin Gwen In, busied themselves with the new Ice Age 3 game which I just bought. So i am able to get on with my mooncake session pretty fast.

Within 2 hours, all the mooncake were done up and washed up. Now, Sheen & Gween In are asking to go to Kids Amaze at the Jurong Safra!
...ok ok, I am done...


Snowskin Mooncake

To make the Snow Skin:
150g Fried Glutinous Rice (Kou-Fien)
200g icing sugar (Iused 150g)
50g shortening (e.g. crisco)
1 knot of Pandan leave
180~200ml of water
Green Pandan Paste for colouring

First prepare the Pandan Juice:
Boil 180ml water with few pc of pandan leaves. Let it cool before weighing. Measure 175ml for the "skin". Chill well.
Prepare the snowskin:
1. Mix glutinous rice flour, icing and shortening together.
2. Add in pandan paste and juice.
3. Mix into smooth dough. Let it rest for 15-30min in the fridge (can skip if the juice is well chilled).
4. Divide to weight required and wrap in the filling.
5. Press into mooncake mould and chilled for 1-2 hours at 4-8C.

1kg white lotus paste
150g melon seed

1. Toast the melon seed in the oven until you hear the popping sound. Leave it to cool before use. 2. Roll out the lotus paste and sprinkle the melon seed. Roll it up like swiss roll.
3. Flaten the paste and roll it up once more. Ready to use.

To use the PH’s disney mould, use 20g skin + 12g filling.

· use the disney (pooh, mickey etc) cookie cutter for this.
· Replace equal amount of water with champagne, bailey or rum.

All the ingredients are avail at Phoon Huat

Baker's Note:

  • I saw the snowskin premix on the shelves at phoon huat; an alternative if you wish but it is just as convenient to make from scratch. Anyway, i also bought a pack. Will let you know how it taste after I made a batch with it.

  • I find the commercial lotus paste too sweet for my liking. Much as I wish to cook my own lotus paste filling, I dun want to add to my working woes... so I better just live with it.


Anonymous said...

Wow! So pretty la! Bet it tastes good too!

Claire said...

Wow. So pretty la! Bet it tastes good also!

FantasyElf said...

thank you for sharing the recipe. i am a student living overseas and have been craving for mooncakes. i tried makin snowskin mooncake last year but it didnt turn out well. the skin of my mooncake tasted quite floury and sugary. also the shape of my mooncake also tend to fade away after a while :( any advise for me? thank you so much!

My Asian Kitchen said...

cute Pooh mooncake!

Cookie said...

Hi Claire
Some says we feast with our eyes first!

Hi FantasyElf
I never encountered this problem... Do you mind sending me your recipe to take a look first?

My email is

Hi My Asian Kitchen,
Thanks... kids love them!

FATMUM said...

I have these cookie cutters with me. Will try out using it. All the while I'm using Disney egg mould to make. Thanks for the idea.

Art of Eating said...

Nice and fun mooncake. Yumm...

Guess i'll not making any mooncake this year. My prince has lost interest in mooncake and scare of the sight of it. He even turn down the CC mooncake making class.

Cookie said...

Hi fatmum,
I saw your mooncake made with egg mould. Being round and plump, it is nice actually...

Hi YY,
Oh no, Prince is going moods swing? How about princess? Won't she want to make the mooncakes?

Art of Eating said...

Hi Cookie, picky kiddos don't really enjoy mooncake. At least prince like the eating piglet. As for princess always a great help but still she won't eat. Mooncake not very popular at home :(

Cookie said...

Ummm, I remember I dun enjoy mooncake as a kid too. Only like the piglet, but strangely, now I hate the alkaline taste in those piglets!

Blessed Homemaker said...

Thanks for sharing the measurements of fillings and skin. I made snow skin mooncakes but didn't have time to experiment with it. Will give it a try.

Cookie said...

You are most welcome!

I am eager to see how yours turn out!


bestdealsintown said...

hihi just read your blog while i will want to learn how to make snowskin mooncake. Does phoon huat sell hello kitty mooncake mould as well? what material of mould is suitable for snow skin moon cake? plastic or wooden type?

Cookie said...

Happy Festive!

Every year phoon huat will have new mooncake mould for sale - i will usually shop around to see what avail. I hope u have got some good moulds.

The hotel chefs swear by the wooden type. But these need to be properly seasoned for them to last.

Aside for the few disney cartoon mould that are wooden, rest of my mooncake moulds are plastic ones - I find they are very easy to use.

I hope you have managed to make some great mooncakes this festive!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the Fried Glutinous Rice (Kou-Fien) in my place. Do you have any idea/recipe how to make the Fried Glutinous Rice?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the Fried Glutinous Rice (Kou-Fien) in my place. Do you have any idea/recipe how to make the Fried Glutinous Rice?