Monday, September 7, 2009

Peach Mousse Cake - TC's 60th birthday

I was meant to to be on a week-long vacation but just fell into the prey of influenza (lucky not H1N1) just before I could have some fun. What's more, my notebook crashed while I was on vacation sick leave. I am not sure which is more tragic - mental sufferings from demise of the notebook or physical suffering from the virus!

Anyway, with the "loan" notebook from J, I am back to on-line, and can catch up on my blog... I was looking thru my photos, and saw there are some bakes dated all the way back to Jun! Gosh!

Like this one - it was for my former boss's 6oth birthday few months back. It is a significant event for me since he would also retire in a week's time.

But I was busy busy busy that I didn't have time to plan ahead. So it has a mad rush (what's new)... I original planned to bake the Cranberry Orange Loaf but the recipe didn't work out (read rant here .

Once again, after sheen slept, I stumbled into the kitchen, armed with the same old recipe. For peach mousse, just replace the strawberry with canned peach, and omit the strawberry paste.

For the topping, I used some gelatine powder + water.

Gift from the heart is always worth more. My ex-boss was really appreciative of the gesture and kept telling me that this is the first time anyone had baked him a birthday cake!

Haha, homemade stuff never fail to make an impression.

My Notes:

  • to make sure the gelatine is cool to room temperature before pouring it over the mousse. If it is hot when pour over, the mouse will melt, and make the gel topping cloudy.
  • This is the dun-know-how-many-times that I forgotten to add the oil into the cake batter!!! Taste alright, but will not keep well due to the absence of the fat.


Anncoo said...

This is so beautiful! Your boss is so lucky to have you who are so considerate :)

Cookie said...

Thanks Anncoo. I was also lucky to have him as a boss; to accomodate my prima donna ways at work!