Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mum's Birthday

My family have very interesting birthdays - sis is Sep 9, mum's Aug 8. Yeah, August, which means this is another long overdue post.

Mainly I struggle to find things to write about my mum. Of course as a mother, she has many virtues... (Some I secretly wished my MIL had). Being a eldest to 11 siblings, she never had the chance to attend school, yet today she can read newspapers, and an avid sudoko player. For what she believes, we all have tertiary education without having to worry about finances. I know we owe alot to her.

Yet looking back, my mum and I actually had a rather turbulence relationship though they are long behind us. We are now cordial as a mother-daughter can be. Even then, I can't help feeling that it was due to the fact that I am a "useful" daughter. Anyway, let's not start my rants here...

Back to the birthday, she is a stauch buddist so most of the times she is on vegetarian diet. So the first prequisite is that the cake has to be eggless. An eggless cake is something that I am still struggling to get it right. (Plead: anyone who has a fail proof white/yellow cake recipe pls call me.)

The middle layer - mousse with cutted mango pieces


Eggless Sponge Cake
Adpated from Alex Goh's Baking Code

200g Butter
120g Sugar (original 160g)
200g Milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
240g Plain Flour
1 ¾ tsp baking powder

1. cream butter and sugar until light
2. add milk & vanilla essence gradually, whip until light and smooth
3. add flour + baking powder, mix until well blended.
4. Bake in 20cm round mould in 180C oven for 50min.

My Notes:

  • The cake itself has a nice aroma though it’s not light and fluffy. It’s flat in appearance and thicker in texture, sticks to the tongue and palate and tastes almost like a butter cake... I guess it is back to the recipe to research again.

  • To make the mouse, see here for recipe - just place strawberry with whatever fruits you fancy.

  • I omitted gelatine since they are animal origin, and hence not suitable for vegetarian diets.

Mum with her 2 youngest grandchildren.

Sheen said "thumbs up", but to granny or the baker?

Si-Ting will have a special place in my mum's heart cos she's the only grandchild brought up by her.


Anncoo said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum :) This is such a beautiful cake, your Mum will definitely it as much as she loves you :)

Cookie said...

Thanks Anncoo.

I told myself that the older generations of showing affections. :-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful mum, beautiful cake!
love how you arranged the fruits on the cake.

Care said...

Without a doubt this is the most intense of all relationships, sparks alternately flying around and threatening to blaze the surroundings and then coming to rest in the intimate warmth of a glowing campfire. Until adolescence, the mother-daughter relationship is one of general warmth and closeness. Sure, there are the occasional blow-ups, but most resolve themselves with heartfelt apologies from both sides, and lots of hugs

Cookie said...

Thanks MAUC... gotta rely on the fruits cos my piping sucks!

You are right... fortunately things are rosier now.

Probably it takes a mother to understand a mother :-)

petite nyonya said...

Your mum's a terrific lady, I can tell. I miss mine so so much & I talk to her at times like she's just beside me. No one in the world is like our own Mom. Btw, it's really pretty how you've arranged the peaches like a rose. My wishes for great health & blessings of joy to your Mom!

Cookie said...

petite nonya,

I do miss my mum sometimes, but yet when I see her, she could drive me crazy (lucky not often!).

You know, it is such a love-hate relationship!!!